Pastoral Counseling

Tom Herrington, M.Div, M.A.

While I don’t believe it is my place to provide answers, give advice, or quote Scripture, I will walk with you down your path of personal growth and spiritual exploration.


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Tom Herrington

Pastoral counseling is therapy that weaves your spiritual concerns and resources into the work, regardless of your faith tradition. Some clients wish to explore spiritual issues or struggles, while others need to process grief or difficult life circumstances through the lens of their faith journey.

Whether working through painful experiences or seeking spiritual growth, my hope is to help you find the source and spirit of wisdom and healing which the Creator has placed inside all of us. If desired, I can guide you through mindful and meditative exercises which will help you connect with your soul.

Are you struggling with spiritual beliefs you once held to be true, but are now experiencing doubt?

As an ordained Presbyterian minister, I realize we all go through seasons of uncertainty and doubts. I will listen and be a non-judgmental sounding board as you process spiritual matters. It is my hope that this place and time can become the ground for genuine growth and the beginning of a journey to deep and lasting contentment.

Have you recently been through a loss and are processing grief?

Often, we think of grief as only occurring when a loved one passes. However, grief can be the result of a divorce, job loss, or any event that has shifted our reality from what we had hoped for. As a past Hospice Grief Counselor, I have much experience helping people process sorrow. It is my privilege to walk alongside those who find themselves in a place of uncertainty, vulnerability, or pain.

Are you in a marriage or relationship that is stuck in conflict or a loss of closeness?

I have helped many couples work through their issues and find renewed commitment and intimacy.

I have a M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary and a M.A. in Counseling from UNC-Charlotte. I have served Presbyterian congregations in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida; and was a Community Grief Counselor for Hospice of Cabarrus County in North Carolina.

If you have questions or are ready to begin counseling, contact us today. Charleston Counseling Center accepts a variety of insurance plans and our friendly administrative staff will get you scheduled with the best clinician for your goals. Don’t continue to feel alone in your struggles, we are here to help.

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