Autism Support and ADD/ADHD Counseling

Lisa Annan, Psychologist

Autism Spectrum Support

Has your child recently been diagnosed on the autism spectrum and you are feeling depressed, overwhelmed and worried?

Would you like an outside perspective on your child’s treatment plan to evaluate what’s working and where you need additional resources?

Lisa Annan, PhD, has personal knowledge of this journey and is ready to support and guide you through the challenges and joys of raising an autistic child.

If the diagnosis is recent, you may be living with uncertainty about what caused your child’s autism or may be feeling guilty about something you did or didn’t do in your parenting. We know how stressful it can be to cope with the new realities and grieve the loss of the hopes and dreams you had for your child.

Many parents find the biggest heartbreak of their child’s development is the social component of the disorder. We all hope for a warm and loving relationship with our child and the lack of emotional connection can be heartbreaking. Although you may have already adjusted to this dynamic, many of us feel confusion and pain about their difficulties with closeness or physical touch.

Coping with problematic behaviors also stretches our emotional, physical and financial resources. Often it is difficult to find the patience to cope with frequent acting out and these behaviors can strain our entire family, impacting sibling relationships and our marriages.

A number of studies have specifically linked the behaviors of children on the autism spectrum to high levels of parental stress. Such stress is not only damaging in its own right, but also has been linked to higher rates of depression.

Let us support you on your journey, guide you in making the best decisions about your child’s treatment and link you to resources that will continue bringing joy into this process. Contact us with questions or to schedule an initial appointment.

Even if that is hard for you to feel right now, there is hope for your family and hope for your child. 

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PATTI FISHER, PSYD, Clinical Psychologist

Help for ADD/ADHD

Support for child/Teens ADHD counseling Charleston SC,

Do you suspect your child may have ADD/ADHD but worry about whether medication is the answer?

Do you need a team approach to getting the right help for your child?

If your child or teen is experiencing any of the following symptoms, support and help are available today:

  • Difficulty staying focused on tasks
  • Disorganization
  • Impulsive behaviors
  • Tantrums/acting out, and other behavioral challenges affecting functioning at school and home

Our team of licensed professionals is ready to help you today. We accept many insurance plans and offer evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.  Contact us to make an appointment.

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Adult Attention Issues

Do you struggle to stay focused at work or on tasks around the house?

Do your significant others complain about your forgetfulness, disorganization or impulsive behaviors?

As you learn more about ADD/ADHD, do you suspect you may have suffered with these symptoms your entire life and have never received an evaluation or any support?

Many adults are surprised to find out there is a name for behaviors they have struggled with for years. Symptoms of ADD/ADHD can make adult functioning challenging and help is available.

Let our team provide a thorough evaluation and make recommendations that will ease your suffering and enhance your life. Patti Fisher, PsyD, is an experienced Clinical Psychologist who will provide professional testing to assess your symptoms and make clear and effective recommendations.

Contact us today with questions or to schedule an initial evaluation. We accept many forms of insurance and offer weekend and evening hours for your convenience.

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