Counselor Helen Roupas, LISW-CP

Licensed Social Worker Clinical Practice

Do the activities of your daily life overwhelm you?

Are you unhappy and feeling stressed out often?

Do you often wonder “what’s wrong with me”?

We all come into the world with a unique personality and perspective.  But our life experiences often shape how we feel about ourselves, and how successfully we are able to navigate through life.  Often there are distortions both in how we see ourselves and how we are able to handle stressors and life transitions.

I know how common it is for all of us to hit rough patches, and I want to help you sort through your challenges, including struggles with your career, maintaining healthy relationships, parenting, aging, grief and unexpected life transitions. For over forty years I have had the privilege of helping thousands of adults, couples and families deal with the same struggles you are facing.  In my approach as a therapist I am highly engaged and responsive, and I also have a deep toolkit of strategies and techniques that work in helping maintain balanced thinking, positive mental health and an increased sense of well-being.  I will listen carefully to what has brought you into therapy and will stay focused on the goals you want to achieve.  Together we will create a safe space where you can heal from your struggles and gain a sense of happiness and well-being again.

Is your intimate relationship in trouble?

I have 40 years of helping couples work through their issues and find intimacy and emotional safety again.  I understand what helps couples stay together and will teach you how to handle conflicts more effectively and manage your triggers more skillfully.

In addition to couples counseling, I help adult clients with the following issues:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Parenting issues
  • Life transitions
  • Adult ADD
  • PTSD

I am in-network with Medicare and am considered out-of-network with all other insurance plans.  Our office will assist you in understanding the mental health portion of your medical policy and will quickly and efficiently help you book your first appointment.

Please don’t suffer alone, help is available today.

If you are ready to begin

Therapy for adults, couples and relationship counseling, counseling for children and adolescents, and family counseling

No matter how stuck you are feeling, there is hope