Elizabeth Martin, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Do you find yourself regularly questioning why adulthood is so hard?

Maybe you feel like it’s difficult to make genuine friendships as an adult, or your work is stressful rather than fulfilling.

Are you crushed under the weight of trying to do everything perfectly all the time and are paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake?

Maybe you wake up and go to sleep exhausted & stressed or maybe you have a hard time waking up or going to sleep, period.

Do you feel let down about where you are in life versus where you thought you’d be by now, or feel alone, even when you’re not by yourself?

Or maybe something entirely different is bothering you.

Even if you don’t have a specific complaint or problem in mind, there might just be a dull pain that covers your life or a constant, buzzing anxiety that you can never seem to shut off.

You may be saying to yourself, “How can therapy help?”

Let me reassure you – you don’t have to know the questions to ask or the right things to say. My job is to guide you through the process of change. I will help you dig into your own story and the thoughts that dictate the way you experience the world around you; I will support you in strengthening certain aspects of yourself while gently saying goodbye to others.

My aim is to listen closely, offer ideas and insight, and encourage your own curiosity about how you can be the very best version of yourself – wholehearted, fulfilled, vibrant, and courageous.

I also enjoy working with couples and I often hear some version of the following:

  • The love between us has disappeared, and I don’t even know if we’re right for each other.
  • The situation we’re facing feels insurmountable (this could mean fertility issues, caring for a sick parent or child, loss of job or home, or many other things couples sometimes face).
  • Things are “okay,” but I know our relationship would be so much more fulfilling with a few tweaks – especially to the way we communicate.

In addition to private pay clients, I am in-network with the following insurances:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of SC, SC state plan and Federal plans
  • Tricare

If you have questions or are ready to begin counseling, contact us today.  Charleston Counseling Center accepts a variety of insurance plans and our friendly administrative staff will get you scheduled with the best clinician for your goals.  Don’t continue to feel alone in your struggles, we are here to help.

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