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Our mission is to help you find effective and long lasting solutions to life’s challenges

The licensed clinicians at Charleston Counseling Center meet with clients at our 3 convenient locations and we offer daytime, evening and weekend hours for your convenience.  We are in-network for many insurance companies and will check your benefits for you and recommend the best clinician for your situation.

Counseling for Depression Mount Pleasant, SC


Counseling for Depression Mount Pleasant, SC


Relationship Counseling Mount Pleasant, SC


Counseling for Trauma Mount Pleasant, SC and Charleston, SC


Addiction Counseling for Depression Mount Pleasant, SC and Charleston, SC


Child and Adolescent Counseling Mount Pleasant, SC and Charleston, SC


We’ll develop a plan together to help you heal and grow.

It’s normal to face ups and downs throughout life. But when stress, unexpected changes, and feelings of loss or conflict leave you feeling ungrounded, therapy can help you recapture your sense of self. The challenges that worry you do not have to be resolved on your own. We’ll work with you to create a real, practical plan – so you can find direction, relief, and peace. We won’t judge, or simply remain silent and nod — our therapists will listen, understand, and help you plan real-life solutions.

If you are ready to begin…

Therapy for adults, couples and relationship counseling, counseling for children and adolescents, and family counseling

No matter how stuck you are feeling, there is hope

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