Relationship Issues


  • Are you finding it difficult to stay close and connected in your relationship?
  • Do you suspect that some of your difficulties trace back to dysfunction in your family of origin but you find yourself repeating those same patterns?
  • Are you feeling discouraged in your efforts to improve things?

relationship counseling mt pleasant, SC Charleston, SCAt the Charleston Counseling Center we understand how crucial intimate relationships are to our happiness and well-being, but also how challenging maintaining closeness can be. Drawing on the latest research in the field of couples counseling, we will teach you skills that are proven to promote intimacy, as well showing you the specific behaviors that predict breakup. If you are motivated to strengthen and improve your relationship through therapy, you can expect more happiness with your partner as well as better ways to resolve your differences.

When couples hit a rough patch, there are many factors at play including the unique personality or temperament of each partner, what our attachments were like at young age, our respective life experiences and our style for handling stress. Having difficulties or differences is actually “normal”, it’s having additional insight into your partner’s viewpoint and knowing how to work within these differences that we can help you improve.

If are ready to make some progress towards strengthening your relationship, call or text us at 843-501-1099, email at , or click the “Schedule an Appointment Today” button directly on the right and get something scheduled now. We offer evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.

If you are hesitant about starting the process, ask about a free 15 minute conversation to see what therapy is all about.

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